Import Factsheets


How do you select the right Incoterm for a sales contract, and how do you get to grips with the allocation of logistics costs depending on the Incoterm that you choose? Use our practical guide to improve your understanding of the principles behind Incoterms.

International transport

The advantages and disadvantages of air freight, ground freight and maritime freight for international shipping. The different elements and the steps in the process, depending on which option you choose.

Principles of standardization


Import Control System

A description of the European Import Control System (ICS), with compliance procedures and specific timeframes, depending on the transportation method.

Understanding custom procedures

Follow our practical advice on steps to take when dealing with customs procedures / clearances within the EU and internationally.

Packaging of your products

How should you package and label your goods for international shipping? We provide practical advice and discuss the legal and regulatory challenges.

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Fiches pratiques