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Business travelling in Azerbaijan

Passport and Visa Service The types of visas for the Republic of Azerbaijan
Visa HQ
Health Precautions There is no particular demand in terms of vaccinations for international travel. The risk of malaria is exclusively under the benign form of P. vivax exists from June to the end of October in the southern zones as well as in the Khatchmas region to the north of the country. Sporadic cases have been noticed in the suburbs of Baku. Preventive medicine recommended in the zones at risk : CHL.
As the water is not potable in Azerbaijan, the consumption of water from sealed bottles is necessary, including for the washing up for babies, for brushing of teeth and the cleaning of fruits and vegetables. In addition, there are pollution problems.
There have been numerous cases of bird flu during the past few years.
Travel Health Advice The French government up-to-date advice on health entry requirements, including routine and recommended vaccines while travelling abroad can be verified at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs website.
For Further Information on Safety Conditions Travel Warnings of the US Department of State
Emergency Numbers Fire Brigade: 101 Police: 102 Emergency: 103
Maps of Urban Networks Maporama
UT Library on line
Recommendation The roads are not safe as they are in a bad condition and there is a big risk of being attacked. The situation is similar for trains. It is preferable to stay in the capital or to travel  in taxis within the country if required.
Find an Itinerary Will to go: Itineraries in the Republic of Azerbaijan
Telecommunication Internet Suffix: .az
To call from Azerbaijan, dial 00
To call Azerbaijan, dial +994
Paying The local currency is the Manat or AZM.
MasterCard, Visa and Diners Club cards are accepted in banks, international hotels, restaurants and in some shops (supermarkets and shops selling luxury products). Travelers cheques in USD are accepted in banks at the export rate. It is possible to change currency in the numerous foreign exchange centres, often situated inside shops. Import of foreign currency is controlled at the frontiers of the country (a form has to be filled and preserved, because it is asked for while exiting).
To Find an Accommodation Information on hotels and on-line reservations
Visiting Tourism office of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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