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Presentation of the Bahamas : Demography

Total Population:
Natural Increase:
Urban Population:
39 Inhabitants/km²
Medium Age:
28.0 Years
Life Expectancy in Years :
Men: 71.7 And Women: 76.1
Labour Force
221,175 (Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database, 2020)
Rate of Activity :
81.5% (Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database, 2019)
Ethnic Origins:
African descent accounts for nearly 91% of the total population, European and North American descent for about 5% and other ethnic groups (including mixed heritage, Asian and Latino) for around 4%. (Bahamas Department of Statistics)
Baptist 35.4%, Anglican 15.1%, Roman Catholic 13.5%, Pentecostal 8.1%, Church of God 4.8%, Methodist 4.2%, Other Christian 15.2%, None or unspecified 2.9%, Others 0.8%.

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