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Benin flag Benin:

It is %T:%M %A In Porto Novo

Presentation of Benin : Geography

Country's official name :
Population of :
Cotonou (679,000) ; Porto-Novo (264,400) ; Parakou (255,500) ; Godomey (253,300) ; Abomey-Calavi (117,900) ; Djougou (94,800) ; Bohicon (93,800) ; Ekpé (75,400)
114,760 km²
Type of Climate :
Benin is located in the Gulf of Guinea and has a tropical climate, with two rainy and two dry seasons: the main rainy season goes from April to late July, with a less intense rainy period from late September to November; whereas the main dry season is from December to April, with a short cooler dry season from late July to early September.
A dry wind from the Sahara (known as “harmattan”) blows from December to March in the north. In Cotonou, the average maximum temperature is 31 °C, the minimum is 24 °C.
Local Time:
It is %T:%M %A In Porto Novo
Summer Time Period :
There are no daylight saving time clock changes in Benin
Official Language:
Other Languages Spoken:
A total of 55 languages are spoken in Benin, of which 50 are indigenous. Fon and Yoruba are spoken in South of Benin, with six major tribal languages being spoken in the North (including Bariba and Fulfulde).
Business Language(s):
French and English

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