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Economic indicators of Gambia : Growth

Main Indicators

Main Indicators 20202021 (e)2022 (e)2023 (e)2024 (e)
GDP (billions USD) 1.81e2.032.172.332.52
GDP (Constant Prices, Annual % Change) 0.6e4.
GDP per Capita (USD) 748e816846882924
General Government Gross Debt (in % of GDP) 85.88883.77780.56173.09967.969
Inflation Rate (%) 5.97.411.311.18.4
Current Account (billions USD) -0.05-0.16-0.30-0.27-0.24
Current Account (in % of GDP) -2.9-8.1-13.7-11.7-9.4

Source: IMF – World Economic Outlook Database - Latest available data.

Note: (e) Estimated Data

Monetary Indicators 20152016201820192020
Gambian Dalasi (GMD) - Average Annual Exchange Rate For 1 EUR 44.7147.3456.8156.5258.83

Source: World Bank - Latest available data.


Main Sectors of Industry

Breakdown of Economic Activity By Sector Agriculture Industry Services
Employment By Sector (in % of Total Employment) 27.0 15.0 58.0
Value Added (in % of GDP) 21.8 15.8 54.5
Value Added (Annual % Change) -1.3 14.3 6.5

Source: World Bank - Latest available data.

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