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Hong Kong SAR, China flag Hong Kong SAR, China:

It is %T:%M %A In Hong Kong

Presentation of Hong Kong SAR, China : Geography

Country's official name :
Hong Kong SAR, China
Hong Kong
Population of main cities:
Kowloon (2,303,100) ; Victoria (956,800) ; Tuen Mun (507,900) ; Sha Tin (495,200) ; Tseung Kwan O (412,900) ; Kwai Chung (331,600) ; Tsuen Wan (299,400) ; Tin Shui Wai (282,400) ; Tai Po (274,100) ; Fanling - Sheung Shui (263,200)
1,110 km²
Type of Climate :
Composed of more than 200 islands, Hong Kong is located in a sub-tropical in the South China Sea. It experiences hot, very humid summers, and mild, dry winters. Although Hong Kong has four distinct seasons, the country is prone to monsoons, especially during its rainy season between May and September. The terrain is quite mountainous throughout Hong Kong, with only a small portion of the area having been built up.
Local Time:
It is %T:%M %A In Hong Kong
Summer Time Period :
Official Language:
The official languages of Hong Kong are English and Cantonese.
Other Languages Spoken:
Chinese Mandarin is becoming more prominent.
Business Language(s):
English is the most widely used language within the Hong Kong government, legal system and commercial sectors.

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