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India flag India:

It is %T:%M %A In New Delhi

Presentation of India : Geography

Country's official name :
New Delhi
Population of main agglomerations:
Mumbai (Bombay) (18,395,000) ; Delhi (16,349,900) ; Kolkata (14,058,000) ; Chennai (Madras) (8,653,600) ; Bangalore (8,520,500) ; Hyderabad (7,677,100) ; Ahmadabad (6,357,700) ; Poona (5,057,800) ; Surat (4,591,300) ; Jaipur (3,046,200)
3,287,259 km²
Type of Climate :
India has broadly three seasons: warm, wet and cool. Heat begins to rise in the plains of the north in February and becomes very high in April - May. The monsoon appears towards the end of May in the south, then heads to the North, then covers the whole country in the first week of July till the end of October. Temperature falls sharply around December - January. The extreme south remains warm all year long because of coastal climate.

Autumn and Winter are undoubtedly the best times to visit India.

Local Time:
It is %T:%M %A In New Delhi
Summer Time Period :
Official Language:
Hindi (spoken by more than 50% of the country’s population) and English.
Other Languages Spoken:
22 languages are recognised by the Constitution of India: Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Nepali, Telugu, Marathi, Tamil, Gujarati, Malayalam, Kannada, Oriya, Punjabi, Assamese, Kashmiri, Sindhi, Manipuri , Konkani and Sanskrit are among them. Around 2000 dialects have been identified.
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