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Iran flag Iran:

Presentation of Iran : Demography

Total Population:
Natural Increase:
Urban Population:
52 Inhabitants/km²
Medium Age:
24.0 Years
Life Expectancy in Years :
Men: 75.6 And Women: 77.9
Labour Force
26,813,322 (Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database, 2020)
Rate of Activity :
48.0% (Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database, 2019)
Ethnic Origins:
Persians are Iran's largest ethnic group (about 60%), but nearly a dozen other ethnicities represent well over a third of the population. The largest ethnic groups include the Azeris (about 16%), the Kurds (about 10%), the Lurs (about 5%) and others (Baluchis, Turkmen, Armenians, etc.). (Statistical Center of Iran)
Shiite Muslims 94.5%; Sunni Muslims 3.8%; Judaism, Zoroastrian (1 %)
Literacy Rate:

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