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Iraq flag Iraq:

Presentation of Iraq : Demography

Total Population:
Natural Increase:
Urban Population:
93 Inhabitants/km²
Medium Age:
19.0 Years
Life Expectancy in Years :
Men: 68.6 And Women: 72.7
Labour Force
10,356,947 (Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database, 2020)
Rate of Activity :
44.7% (Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database, 2019)
Ethnic Origins:
There is no official national data on ethnic groups in Iraq. However, the three largest ethnic groups in the country are Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen. There are many minorities in Iraq, such as the Yezidis, Shabaks, Yarsans or Assyrians.
Muslims 97% (Shia 60%-65%, Sunni 32%-37%), Christians & Others 3%.
Literacy Rate:

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