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Ivory Coast flag Ivory Coast:

It is %T:%M %A In Yamoussoukro, Abidjan

Presentation of the Ivory Coast : Geography

Country's official name :
Ivory Coast
Population of main cities:
Abidjan (4,395,300) ; Bouake (536,800) ; Daloa (245,400) ; Korhogo (243,100) ; Yamoussoukro (212,700) ; San-Pédro (165,000) ; Gagnoa (160,500) ; Man (149,100)
322,460 km²
Type of Climate :
Equatorial climate in the South (rains from April to July and October to November), becoming tropical in the North (rains from April to October). Take light clothing for all times and protection from the rain in that season.
Local Time:
It is %T:%M %A In Yamoussoukro, Abidjan
Summer Time Period :
The hottest period is from March to May.
Official Language:
Other Languages Spoken:
There are numerous local dialects such as Dioula (a language close to Bambara), Sénoufo (in the North), Bété and Baoulé (in the South).
Business Language(s):

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