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Jordan flag Jordan:

It is %T:%M %A In Amman

Presentation of Jordan : Geography

Country's official name :
Population of main cities:
Amman (1,812,100) ; Az Zarqua (635,200) ; Irbid (502,800) ; Rusayfah (472,600) ; Al Quwaysimah (296,800) ; Tila al-Ali (251,000) ; Wadi as-Sir (241,900) ; Jubaiha (197,200) ; Khuraibat as-Suq (186,200) ; Sahab (169,500)
89,320 km²
Type of Climate :
The summer temperature in Amman is 26°C on average but can reach 49° in some areas. In winter the average temperature is 7°C.
Local Time:
It is %T:%M %A In Amman
Summer Time Period :
Summer time from March to September
Official Language:
Other Languages Spoken:
The Adhyge language, the Domari language, Armenian.
Business Language(s):

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