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Kazakhstan flag Kazakhstan:

It is %T:%M %A In Astana

Presentation of Kazakhstan : Geography

Country's official name :
Population of main cities:
Almaty (1,977,100) ; Nur-Sultan (1,184,500) ; Shymkent (1,074,200) ; Aktobe (512,500) ; Karaganda (500,900) ; Taraz (363,000) ; Oskemen (335,400) ; Pavlodar (334,300) ; Semey (324,500)
2,724,902 km²
Type of Climate :
The climate is very continental, with cold winters and hot, dry and semi-dry summers.
Local Time:
It is %T:%M %A In Astana
Summer Time Period :
The average temperatures vary from 16oc to 17oc between May and September with a peak of 23oc in July in Almaty which is situated at a height. Summer temperatures exceed 30oc.
Official Language:
Kazakh is the State language and Russian is the language for intercommunity communication.
Other Languages Spoken:
English is still rather less spoken.
Business Language(s):

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