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North Macedonia flag North Macedonia:

It is %T:%M %A In Skopje

Presentation of North Macedonia : Geography

Country's official name :
North Macedonia
Population of main cities:
Skopje (509,900) ; Kumanovo (73,600) ; Bitola (71,400) ; Prilep (64,300) ; Tetovo (56,600) ; Štip (44,600) ; Veles (43,000) ; Ohrid (38,900) ; Strumica (37,100) ; Gostivar (37,100)
25,710 km²
Type of Climate :
Thanks to its geographical location and topography, the country enjoys a mountainous climate as well as a Mediterranean one, it gets as much impact from the Aegean Sea as well as from the Adriatic and the Black Seas.  The country also has continental climate characteristics, emphasized by the southern mountains which prevent the warm meridional winds from ascending towards the northern area.  In general, the climate in the northern and western parts of the country is more continental and in the southern and eastern regions is more Mediterranean.
Local Time:
It is %T:%M %A In Skopje
Summer Time Period :
Summer time is from March to October
Official Language:
Macedonian, Albanian
Other Languages Spoken:
Albanian, Romani, Turkish, Croatian
Business Language(s):

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