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Business travelling in Portugal

Passport and Visa Service Consult the Website of the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs
For Portugal's embassies and consulates abroad, consult the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
Health Precautions It is recommended that everyone 16 years of age and older should get fully vaccinated for COVID-19 before travel and present, if necessary, evidence of COVID-19 vaccination at the border. The updated information on all health entry requirements as well as on routine and recommended vaccines for Portugal are provided on the dedicated pages on TravelHealthPro and CDC websites.
While there are no official requirements for vaccination, the following are strongly recommended: tetanus, diphtheria, rabies, chickenpox, measles, hepatitis A and B, influenza and poliomyelitis.
Travel Health Advice The French government up-to-date advice on health entry requirements, including routine and recommended vaccines while travelling abroad can be verified at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs website.
For Further Information on Safety Conditions The Advice of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Emergency Numbers ambulances and medical emergencies and police: 112
Maps of Urban Networks Map of Porto Bus Lines
Lisbon Metro Map
Porto Metro Map
Recommendation North of the Tagus: Although there is still no high speed train for the journey between Lisbon and Braga (including Porto), the train remains the most convenient and fastest means of transport. Train tickets can be bought at automatic ticket machines.

South of the Tagus: Especially for the Algarve, the bus has been the means of transport favoured by most. However, since 2005, the railway has grown to cross the Tagus and ensures good links with the south of the country.

Find an Itinerary Via Michelin
Telecommunication Internet Suffix: .pt
To call from Portugal, dial 00
To call Portugal, dial +351
Speaking Free Translation Tools :, Translator of words, text and web pages
Google, Translator of words, text and web pages
Lexilogos, Translation of words and useful expressions
Paying A foreigner in Portugal can easily withdraw money at ATMs, which are called 'Caixas Multibanco' and designated with blue 'MB' signs. In recent years, the network of ATMs in Portugal has multiplied rapidly, increased the range of services offered and has created a deep network. Some services offered at ATMs include: withdrawing money, paying utility bills (water, electricity, gas, telephone, etc.), paying taxes, paying fines, transferring money, recharging a mobile phone (if the chip is Portuguese), buying train tickets, buying concert tickets and signing up electronically for standing orders.
Cash or credit cards are widely accepted in shops, restaurants, hotels and cafes. However, American Express cards are not widely accepted.
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