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Romania flag Romania:

Business travelling in Romania

Passport and Visa Service Visa information (Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
Visa HQ
List of Romanian diplomatic representations
Health Precautions To travel in Romania, a tuberculosis screening is obligatory.
Travel Health Advice The French government up-to-date advice on health entry requirements, including routine and recommended vaccines while travelling abroad can be verified at the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs website.
For Further Information on Safety Conditions Recommendations of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Consult the advice provided by the U.S. State Department
Emergency Numbers Emergency: 112
Maps of Urban Networks Mapblast
UT Library online
Recommendation The bus and train are the two most commonly used means of transport.
Find an Itinerary Mappy
Telecommunication Internet Suffix: .ro
To call from Romania, dial 00
To call Romania, dial +40
Speaking Free Translation Tools :, Translation website
Ectaco, Handheld translators
Translator EU, Online translation tool
Paying Foreign currencies can be exchanged at banks and official exchange bureaus ('casa de schimb' or 'birou of schimb valutar'). Money exchange bureaus are available in airports and major hotels. The ATMs are accessible at major city banks, airports and shopping malls. However they are rare in villages. Credit cards American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted at major hotels, car rental agencies and shopping malls in large cities. Far from the tourist centers and large cities, credit cards are not so widely accepted.
It is preferred to pay in cash rather than with credit card.
To Find an Accommodation

Contact Reţeaua Verde (Green Network)
Recommendations from Lonely Planet
Visiting Romanian Tourism Board

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