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Rwanda flag Rwanda:

It is %T:%M %A In Kigali

Presentation of Rwanda : Geography

Country's official name :
Population of main cities including suburbs:
Kigali (859,400) ; Gisenyi (136,900) ; Ruhengeri (59,400) ; Butare (50,300) ; Gitarama (49,100) ; Byumba (34,600) ; Cyangugu (27,500) ; Nyanza (25,500) ; Bugarama (24,700) ; Kayonza (21,500)
26,340 km²
Type of Climate :
Rwanda is located just south of the equator, with its relatively high altitude providing the country with a remarkably pleasant tropical highland climate, albeit also rainy in certain periods. Temperatures do not change much during the different seasons; however, they do vary considerably between locations depending on their altitude. Rwanda's rainy season is quite long and lasts from about March to May: during these months rainfalls are heavy and persistent. The dry season is generally from June to mid-September and represents the best time to visit the country. October to November is a shorter rainy season and it's followed by a short dry season from December to February. During both of Rwanda's dry seasons, there is often light cloud cover, which helps moderating the temperatures but also occasionally brings light rain showers.
Local Time:
It is %T:%M %A In Kigali
Summer Time Period :
There are no daylight saving time clock changes in Rwanda.
Official Language:
Rwanda has three official languages: Kinyarwanda (the first language of almost the entire population of the country), French and English.
Other Languages Spoken:
Swahili (Kiswahili) may soon become the fourth official language of Rwanda. Several dialects are spoken in the country, mainly deriving from Rwanda-Rundi and Bantu languages.
Business Language(s):
Mainly French. English is also spoken for business purposes (mainly with foreigners, alongside Kinyarwanda (within nationals).

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