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Saudi Arabia flag Saudi Arabia:

It is %T:%M %A In Riyadh

Presentation of Saudi Arabia : Geography

Country's official name :
Saudi Arabia
Population of main cities:
Riyadh (5,188,300) ; Jeddah (3,430,700) ; Mecca (1,534,800) ; Medina (1,100,100) ; Ad-Dammam (903,400) ; Hofuf (660,800) ; Taif (580,000) ; Tabuk (512,700)
2,149,690 km²
Type of Climate :

Saudi Arabia has a desert climate. Topography plays an important role in making the climate of Saudi Arabia so varied. In Jeddah it is warm for most of the year. Riyadh, which is inland, is hotter in summer and colder in winter, when occasional heavy rainstorms occur.

Though average rainfall is less than 5 inches, in the Asir highlands it may exceed 10 inches. The temperature in the country varies greatly, from as low as freezing in the winter to 50 degrees Celsius in the summer.

Frequent sand-laden winds blow from the northern deserts for days at 25-30 miles per hour.

Local Time:
It is %T:%M %A In Riyadh
Summer Time Period :
Official Language:
Other Languages Spoken:
English is widely used, given the presence of expats in the region. Other languages spoken in the Kingdom include Indonesian, Somali, Tagalog, Urdu and Farsi.
Business Language(s):
While Arabic is the official language of the State, English is widely used as a business language. It is not rare that business contracts are made in Arabic, but it should be no problem to have a translation in English.

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