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Presentation of Spain : Taxation

Impuesto sobre el Valor Añadido (IVA) (Value-added tax - VAT)
Company Tax :
Corporate Income Tax (applies to trading profits, income and capital gains): 25%
Newly created companies for both the first tax period in which they obtain a profit and the following tax period (does not apply to equity companies): 15%
Business and professional activities tax
(local direct tax levied annually on the performance of business, professional, or artistic activities): Varies according to several factors, and may not exceed 15% of the presumed average profits of the business/professional activity
Fiscally protected cooperatives: 20%
Companies operating in Canary Islands Special Zone (ZEC): 4%
Credit institutions: 30%
Minimum tax
(from 1 January 2022 - for companies that had a net turnover in the prior year of at least EUR 20 million or that are part of a tax consolidated group): the lower of:
- 15% of the taxable base, or
-  the amount resulting after deducting certain tax credits established to promote investments by port authorities and foreign tax credits from 25% of the taxable base
Withholding Taxes :
Dividends: 19%; Interest: 19%; Royalties: 0 (if qualified as business income, when paid to resident companies)/19% for residents of the EU/EEA and 24% for all other non-residents, unless otherwise provided in a tax treaty.
Social Security Contributions Paid By Employers :
As of January 2022, the employer contribution is 29.9% for general contingencies, plus a variable rate for occupational accidents (e.g. 1.5% for office work).
Other Domestic Resources
Spanish Tax Agency
Consult Doing Business Website, to obtain a summary of the taxes and mandatory contributions.

Country Comparison For Corporate Taxation

  Spain OECD United States Germany
Number of Payments of Taxes per Year 9.0 10.1 10.6 9.0
Time Taken For Administrative Formalities (Hours) 143.0 163.6 175.0 218.0
Total Share of Taxes (% of Profit) 47.0 41.6 36.6 48.8

Source: Doing Business - Latest available data.

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