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Presentation of Suriname : Demography

Total Population:
Natural Increase:
Urban Population:
4 Inhabitants/km²
Medium Age:
26.0 Years
Life Expectancy in Years :
Men: 68.5 And Women: 75.1
Labour Force
207,832 (Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database, 2020)
Rate of Activity :
56.8% (Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database, 2019)
Ethnic Origins:
Hindustani (also known locally as 'East Indians', descendants from northern Indians) represent about 27% of the population, 'Maroons' (descendants from Africans) 22%, with Creole (mixed European and Afro-Americans) representing about 16%, Javanese 14%, mixed people 13%, Amerindians 4%, Chinese 2% other ethnic groups (including Europeans) about 2%. (Statistics Office of Suriname)
Hindu 27.4%, Protestant 25.2% (predominantly Moravian), Roman Catholic 22.8%, Muslim 19.6%, Indigenous beliefs 5%.
Literacy Rate:

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