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Taiwan, China flag Taiwan, China:

It is %T:%M %A In Taipei

Presentation of Taiwan, China : Geography

Country's official name :
Taiwan, China
Population of main urban agglomerations:
New Taipei City (4,031,000) ; Taichung (2,820,800) ; Kaohsiung (2,766,000) ; Taipei (2,602,500) ; Taoyuan (2,268,800) ; Tainan (1,875,000) ; Hsinchu (451,500) ; Keelung (367,600) ; Chiayi (266,000) ; Changhua (231,400)
Type of Climate :
Subtropical; marine; rainy season during southwest monsoon (June to August); cloudiness is persistent and extensive all year.
A subtropical climate with moderate temperatures in the north, where there is a winter season. The southern areas, where temperatures are slightly higher, enjoy sunshine every day, and there is no winter season. The typhoon season is from June to October.
Local Time:
It is %T:%M %A In Taipei
Summer Time Period :
Official Language:
Mandarin Chinese
Other Languages Spoken:
Taiwanese Hokkien, Taiwanese Hakka
Business Language(s):

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