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United Kingdom flag United Kingdom:

It is %T:%M %A In London

Presentation of the United Kingdom : Geography

Country's official name :
United Kingdom
Population of main metropolitan areas:
London (9,047,600) ; Birmingham (1,160,300) ; Glasgow (630,000) ; Liverpool (586,900) ; Bristol (577,300) ; Manchester (563,600) ; Sheffield (552,200) ; Leeds (511,200) ; Edinburgh (504,100) ; Leicester (472,600)
243,610 km²
Type of Climate :
As an island, the UK has very variable weather. Extremes of temperature are rare but snow, hail, heavy rain and heat waves can occur. Average temperatures: January 2°C, June 22°C . Waterproof, warm clothing is advisable at all times, and is essential for any visits to upland areas. The best time to visit the UK is in the summer (June, July, August), but good weather cannot be guaranteed.
Local Time:
It is %T:%M %A In London
Summer Time Period :
March to October.
Official Language:
English. Welsh in Wales.
Other Languages Spoken:
Scots and Scottish Gaelic in Scotland, Irish Gaelic in Northern Ireland
Business Language(s):

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