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Vietnam flag Vietnam:

Presentation of Vietnam : Demography

Total Population:
Natural Increase:
Urban Population:
314 Inhabitants/km²
Medium Age:
25.0 Years
Life Expectancy in Years :
Men: 71.3 And Women: 79.5
Labour Force
56,542,377 (Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database, 2020)
Rate of Activity :
83.1% (Source: International Labour Organization, ILOSTAT database, 2019)
Ethnic Origins:
There are more than 54 ethnic minorities throughout the country, but the Kinh (Viet) are purveyors of the dominant culture, representing about 85% of the population. Most ethnic minorities (about 15% of the population) such as the Muong, a closely related to the Kinh, are found mostly in the highlands covering two-thirds of the territory. The Hoa (ethnic Chinese) and Khmer Krom are mainly lowlanders. Other major groups groups include Tay, Thai, Nung, and Nung. (General Statistics Office of Vietnam)
Buddhists 85%, Christians 8%, Others 7%.

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