Crédit du Nord Group

carte groupe credit du nord

Established more than 160 years ago, Crédit du Nord Group is the federation of nine regional banks: Banque Crédit du Nord, Banque Courtois in southern France, Banque Tarneaud in the central region and France's Atlantic coast, Banque Nuger in Auvergne, Banque Kolb in the East of France, Banque Rhône-Alps in south-eastern France, Banque Laydernier in the Savoy region, Société Marseillaise de Crédit in the Southeast and Société de banque de Monaco.

The Group's 10,000 employees and its network of 938 local branches serve more than 1.94 million individual clients, 200,000 business clients and 47,000 corporate clients.

Crédit du Nord is a wholly owned subsidiary of Société Générale Group. Crédit du Nord Group's customers enjoy all the benefits of a regional bank on a human scale and a nation-wide coverage with a global banking network.

Our expertise is regularly recognized by French companies involved in foreign trade. The 2010 customer satisfaction survey made by CSA Institute on Foreign Trade business ranks us top bank for:

  • the easy way to get answers to your questions concerning foreign trade
  • the quality of our processing

Our strategy is focused on customer satisfaction. Each day, our staff concentrates on building a personalized and long lasting business relationship with our clients, driven by the quality of our advices and aware our capability to forecast their needs.

The quality of our customer relations is the result of our decentralized organization, which guarantees fast decision-taking and promotes local service, responsiveness and efficiency.

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